Regina Style Pizza

March 6, 2017

During the summer, you might hit the road, travelling somewhere for a change in scenery and a taste of something different.

Visit any city and you can find pizza. Each city has its own style. Some are world famous for it.

In Chicago, they like deep dish pizza. The crust is pressed up the sides of the pan before cheese is layered in. Toppings fill it up and sauce is ladled on top.

In New York, it starts with a thin crust with a few choice toppings. Each pizza is then cut in wide slices so you can roll them up.

Come home and you can pick up your favourite.

Here in Regina, we’ve got our own style. We’ve been making your favourite for 40 years.

It starts with a round, thicker crust. Next, a tomato sauce that is slightly sweet and spicy is spread on it. You won’t find that sauce anywhere else but here.

Then, you layer on the meat and veggies. Pepperoni, ham, bacon, and sausage are some favourites in Regina. Fresh mushrooms, peppers, and onions are the veggies of choice here.

Then, the cheese is layered on top to melt from edge to edge, making for one thick and hefty pizza that will fill a family.

It’s a pizza that stays with people. They crave it – whether they call Regina home now or have in the past. It’s why we end up shipping up our pizzas to those who got a taste of it and want to have more!